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A few years ago, I used to be a writer. It was a prolific part of me because it was something I always did with so much ease. I could spend hours in front of my laptop, typing out words and worlds that were not real; I could convince you that there was a woman who lived in a certain land and loved a man, and you would believe it too. I was that good.

I am still that good but the only difference between that writer of a few years ago and this writer typing these words is this – imposter syndrome. I was somehow convinced my writings were not valid. Now, this is not a sad complicated story about failure. No. I have moved on from that, I promise. This is just to open your mind to the power of doubt; how it can sit on your shoulders and make you fold up into oblivion. Like you have fallen into a sunken place.

Imposter syndrome no matter how fancy it might sound is a typical example of ‘’your village people are following you’’. It is just a ball of doubt that has been dropped into your chest, creating a massive hole of insecurity which evidently leads to you feeling ‘’you are not good enough’’. However, I am here to tell you that no matter the not-good-enoughs you feed your soul with it cannot be compared to the joy you will feel when you put your work in the open.

See, I have been studying and I realized that it is apparently a normal thing to feel like there are better people out there who have done what you are proposing. Yeah, yeah… but who cares? What if Achebe concluded not to write his first novel because he felt the usual depiction of Africans by British writers were ‘’enough’’? Just imagine if things never actually fell apart.

I might not be an expert in writing or art or anything (yet) but I will be damned if I stop giving myself chances to prove myself. The thing I want you to take out of this article is this – no one will ever be like you. No one will do things the way you will. You are an original, it is absurd but it is this beautiful thing called humanity.

So instead of worrying about diagnosing how high your imposter syndrome has become, you should just say ‘’fuck it’’ and put your work out there.

Oh! And happy new year!!

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