How Youtube Vlogger David Dobrik stole my heart and “mobile data” for two years

Sometimes David makes friendship goals look admirable alongside his always expanding circle of friends who are definitely in need of therapy for the number of times David had showered them with scary gifts like reptiles, dry ice, dick related car paints, scare-jumps, house redecoration (very impressive nutty stuff I might add) and lots more. Not to mention his constant gifts he showers his friends (call them VLOG SQUAD) for shock value, having his friends make strangers laugh or kiss each other and for a lot of tears, David’s vlog is a never ending array of hyper recordings crammed into a 4 minutes 21 seconds showdown (constant in all his videos).

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If you don’t know who David Dobrik is, well you suck!

I’m not about to give you a Wikipedia list of who he is and what he does, you can find that on google. What I will tell you is how much you are missing if you haven’t been binging his vlogs. They have helped me in two years realize how quickly generation Z or X or whatever, find themselves relatable. They are in constant need to find humor in everything whilst seeking temporary excitement in everything. That is why you can keep clicking on David’s vlog day after day because it’s delivered to you in a small size but the best part is that it is packed a bunch with exhilarating footages that leaves you wishing you were part of the vlog squad or you would randomly just feature and have millions of people watch you online.

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I started following David’s vlog two years ago when his relationship with Liza was blossoming. They had such great chemistry together that my single-ass would wish I could have something as romantic and genuine like they did. Their short series of videos enacting the “real relationship goals” made me laugh and swoon at the same time and their bloopers exhausted my mobile data more times that I can count. They were my relationship goals and sadly when they announced their break up six months after they actually broke up, I cried a bit.

Look, I cry about everything that makes me cry so this wasn’t a surprise. What surprised me was how they handled it. It’s a terrible thing to end a relationship especially when nobody did something unforgivable. Sometimes some relationships end not because love was no longer there, it’s because growth came in and the two people in the relationship are still growing through the process of discovering who they are as an individual. Our generation has a lot to stress over but how we handle mental illness and anxiety is what will determine whether or not we can handle a relationship.

Their break up announcement video acquired 55 million views (and counting) but they both swear they remain good friends. Sometimes I look out for that big smile on David’s face in his video to make sure if he’s doing well with himself and I watch Liza’: videos hoping she’s happy too.

Individually, they are doing really well and building an online empire which is why it’s so refreshing to bring their videos online because they contain epic characters and scenes that you cannot fucking write. The vlog squad seem to be growing bigger and each character (I love Suzie’s laugh BTW) has something to bring to the vlog.

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It’s pure entertainment with a few tears and screams but trust me you’ll be so inspired to want to grab all your friends and create a vlog of your ups-and-downs for the whole world to fall in love with.

Check out David Dobrik’s channel on YouTube and thank me later.

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