My struggles so far as a Nigerian content creator in 2020

In Nigeria, you will begin to realize that your creativity is restrained by a lot of obstacles. Let’s look into two of these obstacles.


This has nothing to do with talent; Nigerians are talented. What we lack as a community is the resources to help us. It always feels like the world is ahead of us and we have to struggle twice as hard than the rest of our peers. It can be frustrating carry their chip on your shoulder especially as a creative person in the digital world. Creativity requires spontaneity. It requires traveling and exploring. It requires trial-and-errors till you finally FINALLY reach a summit. Creativity needs inspiration, you have to be inspired.

Now, let’s take photography as an example. The digital age has revolutionized how photography works. It has become an art that never stops. There are so many types of photography that you can fit into and they are fast-paced. You can be noticed by just having your work reshared by a lot of people on the Internet. 

It works for people all around the world. You could just see a building painted in beautiful pastel colors and you can grab a camera and start taking dope shots. Not that we don’t have groundbreaking architecture here in Nigeria; much better than pastel but one barely gets access to these places without breaking the bank. 

Which leads me to my second obstacle – Money


Nigeria is a cruel place to make money. In here, everything is hard. There are so many people with bright ideas but crippled with little opportunities. I was in the bus few days ago and I eavesdropped on a conversation by two ladies (it was not like I was prying, those ladies were loud lol). Lady A said she feels as though everyone she knows is either selling hair bundles or working as a makeup artist or sewing fabrics. These are all fantastic skills to have especially since they all fall under one category which is beauty& fashion and everyone knows the beauty industry is out there making a lot of people successful. (Check YouTube)

However, is it safe to say we all should go into beauty and fashion to succeed? Why are the other industries not receptive to fresh faces? It almost seems as though areas like politics, economy and technology etc are all shut against us and we have to fight before we are allowed a seat at the table.

The country is crippling our creative muscles and it gets really frustrating because it affect us psychologically. I’ve been trying to consistently put put content on my website and social media but it’s really hard to do so. Why? Because internet bills are expensive to maintain for someone like me. Data subscriptions are bankrupting many of us and we don’t have a say on it anymore. We just latch on to what we can afford. So how do we do it? How do we stay afloat when everything seems like it’s stacked against us?

These have been my struggles since January started. It’s been real here guys and I feel really vulnerable sharing this. However, I promised myself I am going to give this blogging thing a shot for a year and see how far it takes me. I am going to give it my all and see what happens. I am writing towards my own healing and I hope I help someone along the way. Hopefully, I will be inspired when I leave for NYSC whilst starting a life after school.

So how have you been?


If you came from suzanwrites, Welcome! Susanah Ajiboye was born and raised in Osogbo, Osun state. It took her years to finally discover her full potential as a writer. Now, she knows she understand you can use words and visuals to tell powerful stories that can make a differences. And that is what she is doing, one post at a time.

  1. Adesola Joseph

    The travails of nigerian youths is fueled by societal and economical rot, one can only persevere in the right manner coupled with needed attitude to succeed.

    • blackprowriter

      Absolutely! It can be hard to begin with but finding the right people around can also be a huge help. Nothing good comes easy, it’s just super hard to reach the finished line here in Nigeria.

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