On the Scale of 1-10 how much of a snob are you?

I am taking a break from writing my final year project thesis and posting BCs about my latest podcast episode to ask you an important question?

Are you a snob?

Someone argued that just like how everyone is born a winner, so is the probability of them being a snob. The idea that we all have different things that interests us, it means you have things that make you roll your eyes and go ‘’Ugh, not this again’’

Snobs believe they are better than other people because they feel their tastes are superior when compared to other people’s taste. If psychologists could picture the mind of snobs, they would come up with a richly graphic but scientific description of snobs sitting on their high horses and watching the rest of us squander in our mediocrity.

Snobs are particularly projected as rich people – it only makes sense because poor people do not have the luxury of having choices on a platter of silver – there are depicted in books, in movies and TV shows as people with rich tastes whose mouth could as well smell of fruity champagne or fresh naira notes.

While this might be true (it is truly up for debate) I strongly believe that anyone can be a snob.

You do not need to be rich to think that you are possess superiority amongst your peers, you only needs tall shoulders to prove that. There are snobs all around us; at the most ordinary spaces you could ever imagine and I am going to expose you to them.



I have only been immersed in the book and literature culture once in my life and I can say that scene was purely the most magical moment of my life because of the presence of liberalists, writers and artists converging to discuss their high standards and symbolisms in place that has allowed them to be themselves. (I need funds to attend AKEfestival this year guys, I am a poor person with rich taste). 

However, as someone who has been part of this scene I can tell you that there are book snobs. They are people who solemnly believe their taste in books and authors CANNOT be matched. They choose the books deserving of awards and coins while tossing aside the rest of the ‘’unfortunate’’ ones down the drain. You cannot challenge their opinions because not only will they not give you a space to defend your tastes, they just would not care to understand.

Book snobs can be amusing and sometimes entertaining. You need a lot of water and tea sip on while you indulge their company.



Taste in movies is not exactly an overreach because I happen to fall in this category. So let me write this from my point of view.

Gets to school and hear some people talking about Yoruba actresses and their latest movies. Roll my eyes and stand to find another seat and hopefully someone who share the same movie tastes like I do. Seat with another group of people who are raving about a character in a movie and lamenting on its final moment before being killed off in the movie. Asks what movie they are talking about, they mention it is a Korean movie. 

Says ‘’Oh’’ and politely finds somewhere else to seat; waits few more minutes to find someone who hopefully does not talk about Yoruba movies or Korean movies or Philippine movies or Jamaican movies. Gives up and returns back home to watch new episodes of Game of thrones and live-tweets about how curly Jon Snows’s hair is. 

Sounds familiar? Yeah, you are a snob too!


Have you ever heard someone say something related to a line like this?

‘’I cannot wear clothes if they are not imported. I don’t know how you people cope with these cheap clothes.’’

Need I say more?

Yes, they exist. These are the fashion snobs; they hold their taste for designer’s clothes supreme and look down on anyone who dresses in thrifts clothing. Fashion too them is all about the coins and what tracking number was used to shop their clothes to their doorstep, they are not about that Yaba and bend-down-and-select life. 

They are premium motherfucking stylists with a rich taste in fashion choices.


There are so many categories of snobs but I am out of time. I need to go back to writing my thesis so I am going to stop here. This think piece was solely to poke fun and myself and at you my readers. Tag your fellow snobs and let’s take a group selfie.


The Mummy Snobs

The Art Snobs

The Music snobs

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