It is February and as promised I will be focusing on valentines inspired topics. I am tagging the four posts I have prepared for this month #LOVEANDINTIMACY. I’m so excited about the content for this month and here is number 1. Enjoy!

Most times when I think about my present romantic relationship with Adedeji, it feels the days have flown by so quickly. It has not felt like a long time because we are not counting down the days. We are mostly spending our time together doing the simplest things. We talk a lot and most importantly we talk to each other. We also do this thing where we try not to take things too seriously by teasing each other and no one NO ONE “roasts” me like Deji. We also take our time to give and receive support from each other. One great outcome about this decision is how it has led to an accumulation of sweet memories. Memories filled with laughter and contentment.

So when you think about it, there are no lessons to gain from us because we are not doing this shit to be profound or to be someone’s “couple goals”. We are in this because of the feeling it brings us; a feeling of weightlessness that carries no burden. This brings me to my only lesson


Alright listen, I thought about this deeply and it only made sense in retrospect to stop counting down the days you’ve spent together. It just leaves you feeling like your relationship only makes a bit of impact if it’s longer. In my own opinion, it washes down the idea of relationship into a single entity that love only makes sense when it is longer. It becomes stale because you then begin to chase down the longevity rather than treasuring every moment you two have together.
I do not oppose the celebration of love but I do hope you do not make it your sole purpose of staying together because as I have notice in older couple, they no longer look forward to spending quality time with each other until they have crossed a milestone together like a 20 years wedding anniversary, wedding vows reunion and so on.

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As young people, we owe it to ourselves to understand that time is fleeting. You should not hold on till you accumulate it under your wings before you see the need to really Live your life. Love is only important when it is consistent, it is about the daily emotions it brings. You have to be ready to see love for what it is every day and cherish it for every moment you are in it.

As young people, we owe it to ourselves to understand that time is fleeting

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Of course there are good days and bad days but you already know that. It is almost impossible to adjust to someone else being part of your life but think about what your life will be like without him/her in your life.

What do you see?

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