Every Nigerian understands the giddiness surrounding Christmas season. (and I’m not talking about Baby Jesus and the three wise men) #GBAM
I really do not need to explain further but for the non-Nigerians reading this, get ready to be educated.

I do not know if kids these days still fancy Christmas day but for the late 90s kids, Christmas day was our day to show off our really cool ‘’baba sala’’ goggles, our oversized suits and pink Cinderella’s gown. If anyone tries to deny this, check their photo album.
Christmas in Nigeria is an epitome of excitement, it is like thanksgiving in America except we do not fancy turkeys or those green leaves they dress them with. Nah… We prefer chickens. All cut up into parts and salted in stews and soups. Christmas in Nigeria is also famous for its delivery of jollof rice and fried rice. Listen it is not that we do not eat jollof rice every other day of the year; it is just that Christmas jollof tastes better. And here is why!
Christmas season is one of those few times we get to reunite with your cousins who lived in different states in Nigeria, Aunty Sade and her six children, or Uncle Obi and his two wives or our very wise grandpa who wouldn’t stop praying for his grandkids; because of these moments that Christmas seasons were unforgettable. It was like a reward for a job well done over the last eleven months.
However, it was also the season of reckoning. Where all dramas come to a climax; I know this because I have witnessed them countless of time. They mostly are harmless but always hilarious because everyone sort of figured they do not have to waste their airtime calling and yelling at each other over the phone, so they had to wait till Christmas day when they can all meet each other face-to-face. So you hear your old aunt bring up an issue that happened by January, do not be surprised because this is one time that happens.

Christmas in the post is symbolism for every special family gathering that spews drama in Nigeria

All these I love because I get to listen and laugh from afar; children aren’t allowed to join in when the elders are bantering unless you are ‘’invited’’.

AH… I love Christmas.
But what I do not love about Christmas is the bullies; and Christmas has the best of them – the older bullies. Older bullies are any older figure in our lives that tend to put down younger generation for any little thing we do, they do not believe we are good enough and they think they are always right. I am all for courtesy, my parents raised me to be courteous that sometimes I am too courteous for my own good. However, there are some older people who just so blindly rude. Yes, I said it.
They just believe they deserve respect just because they are old. Yes, you might get some respect but it won’t be genuine. Why? Because we might be young but we have eyes. We know those who command respect and those who demand it. Older bullies demand respect that they do not deserve. Just because you are old does not mean you are always right, I have massive respect for elderly that is progressive and open minded; knowing for a fact that things change all the time and they are still some things they would need to be told. To be old is to be experience, but I do not agree with any culture that says we should blindly follow the old rules just because they say so, I will ask why? And if you are so old and wise you have to give me an explanation.
On a lighter note, I also dislike older bullies who deprive me of my fat chicken wings or an extra NAIRA notes on the dance floor. I danced for that money, I better have my money!
I believe there is a middle ground we can all agree at – older bullies suck!


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