“Cast a shadow so big they will not be able to ignore you.”


Purpose of this visual story – To showcase an element of shadows on each image.


On this day, I wanted to appease the sun. I wanted to create something that was of utmost importance to the sun and its reflection. So I got to my shoot location early; sitting alone on a cement slab and scouting the area. I had had a raw idea in mind but no plan. I did not know what I would call this visual story.

I have come to accept this about my visual story telling journey – let it flow. Coming with expectation to a place where you are about to create magic might not be a good idea. Art is supposed to be expressive; let it flow.

With this thought in my heart, I found this tree gently swaying in the direction of the mild breeze. It had cast a shadow on the wall and I had an Epiphany.

Shadows are meant to be an obstacle, a hindrance, a block. But staring at that tree and its shadow, I saw something else. I saw an opportunity to create something.

So I waited for my Muse to arrive. She came minutes later, with her silky skin and almond shape eyes and I knew I was ready to create magic with the sun and its offspring.

Photography // Blackprowriter

Creative Director // Blackprowriter

Muse // Feyisara Badmus (

MUA // Feyisara Badmus

CAMERA // Canon T3 rebel (Kit Lens & Prime lens 1.8f)

Location // LAUTECH, Ogbomoso

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