It is probably a proven fact; movies adapted from novels possess an edge in plotline than regular screenplays. One can credit the abundance of plot material to rely on because, at the end of it all, a movie CANNOT just capture the full essence of a book. A book critic once said reading a book is active while watching movies is passive. I do not know how true that is but I can relate to it though.
Anyway, ‘’The Hate You Give’’ was one of the movies that stood out this year and it rose to prominence due to the stellar performance by Amandla Stenberg who plays the lead role and also because it depicts the gruesome tale of the effect of police brutality in the African-American community.
The Hate You Give stars Stenberg as Starr Carter, it follows the fallout after she witnesses a police shooting of her childhood friend.

I will not be revealing much of the movie plot but the movie was an eye-opening experience. I am not American, I do not live there. I cannot relate to racism and gentrification. However, I can relate to police brutality (really common here in Nigeria) and I can relate to the after-effect of loss.

‘’Seven’’ was a character I got drawn to while watching the movie, he was Starr’s stepbrother. They both shared the same father, went to the same private school and he graduated from high school at the end of the movie. I have not read the book yet but I have been imagining how this character was portrayed in the book. I am assuming Starr is the narrator and we got to see Seven from her point of view. His character in the movie was torn between two worlds – his life as the son of his father who was married to another woman (Starr’s mother) and his life as the son of his mother who was married to the biggest drug lord in their community.

While I watched the movie from Starr’s point-of-view I could not get my eyes off Seven – a seventeen-year-old black boy who had to stay loyal to his two separate families without favoring one over the other. It can be tough to have your two parents separated but what happens when they have both moved on with two different people and they seem happy with their partners? Are you supposed to pretend that you are happy for them or feel sad about what-could-have-been


Throughout the movie he had to choose sides; cut to the scene at the church where he was sitting with his father and his wife and two children and his mother walked into the church with her husband and yelled at him to come and stand with them at the back of the church. I think the reason why he stood up was. He did not want his mother embarrassing him in the church. I know he did not want to go stay with them; especially his drug lord stepfather but he had to. LOYALTY
His character was likable and despite not knowing where he stood, he stood by his step-sister Starr during the protest and he stood by his father after the break-in. He understood that families are not ideally perfect but you got to stick with the one(s) you have.
The movie was a memorable movie with strong characters and a relevant plot that cuts through the real grievance the African-American communities are going through.
Anyway, who else has seen The Hate You Give?
What did you think about it?
Memorable scene
When Chris brought Starr home from Prom and her dad thought he was the chauffeur. LMAO


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  1. Levo

    I haven’t seen it. Been trying to make time but not really.
    What do you think about it?
    -You just gave me a perspective.

    *Families are not ideally perfect but you got to stick with the one(s) you have.*

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