About Me

Blackprowriter was an awakening that occurred in my twentieth year. I needed a pseudonym that could describe my persona all at once. I am a Nigerian who has been writing professionally for five years, hence the name BLACKPROWRITER. And also because I needed a unique username on Instagram.

This masterpiece of a blog did not come together until later in my twenty second year. After frequent soul searching, rediscovering and relearning I decided to open this website to created a platform where I can showcase my storytelling gift. I believe Art is a gift continually given to us by the universe.

“Visual and Words” is the embodiment of my blog. Here, you will find inspiration in my articles, my photography and my musings. I enjoy listening and writing about people. I believe there is no greater form of inspiration than watching people exploring their humanity.

Welcome to BLACKPROWRITER. Hope you stick around because there is more for you to see!