There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to write about Chimamanda, especially when it’s not about her books.

As soon as I saw her trending on twitter yesterday, I already knew something was up again. If you’d remember it was just a month ago when she was criticized for asking Hillary Clinton why her twitter bio begins with wife and a husband did not begin with husband.
It was a long story guys!

This time it’s something else; something even funnier. There is this rule in the world of elite feminism to hold in high esteem the qualities that women have earned outside of their marriage (i.e the qualities that over the years they weren’t allowed to to show off)
I do not agree with this rule because I feel feminism should celebrate individuality. I do not need to ignore the fact that some women just enjoy being a wife and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hilary changed our bio anyway you should check it out on twitter because she saw a point from what Chimamanda said – NARRATIVE IS VERY IMPORTANT. People argued Chimamanda should be allowed to say anything she wants while others were not just up for it they were tired of Chimamanda’s brand of feminism.
She has quite a reputation as a hot headed feminist who just hates men. Yesterday she was trending on twitter because she said ” I think gestures like holding the door should not be gendered I think it’s a lovely idea to open the door for everyone. I open the door for men and women and so the idea of opening the door for a woman because she is a woman I have trouble with it…”
And as expected twitter was not having it.

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