Take a deep breath, swallow back your fear
Do not give fear a threshold in your mind.
The only good thing about fear is its power
To make us realize how badly our desire to
Do something.

So what do you do when you cannot paint your emotions with words like you used to?
Do you cry; letting the tears down the broken letters on your journal that failed to come together?
The letters you will never show anyone; the ones you swore were promising – your next bestseller draft.
All you can write these days are someone else’s story. My heart is beating really fast because I am telling the truth, the truth about your fears. The truth you did not wish to show the world.
You are so eager to be labeled ‘’strong’’
However, you do not want to acknowledge the fact that strong people are not always without weakness.
Weakness is in our spine, it lives in the threshold of our insecurity. Before courage, comes fear.
Maybe that is what you are doing right now, trying to have courage. It is all you have because you do not know who you have become – the one who waits for the darkness to take her away.
When did you stay so sad?
When did you remain so weak?
It can be tiring not finding the balance between sadness and happiness
But life is all about finding that balance, isn’t it?
Without balance we are just dust.
You are sad today, you are happy tomorrow
Does it have something to do with your urge to exist?
You cannot even find bliss with the love of your life
What happened?
When did it all go south?

Broken happiness
We spend years trying to fix it strong.
Then we get mad and sad when something broken refuses to be whole again.

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