I am incredibly excited!

I have been jumping up, making random videos and planning my schedules for the next three months. The thing is I have waited for a long time for the moment – this moment to get a taste of a world outside of the university walls and now it is finally here.
I will be doing my internship at Ibadan which means I will be leaving Osogbo for a while. I have always had a deep bond with Ibadan since I was a kid, I actually would not mind exploring Ibadan while interning, I am a visual storyteller after all.
After a wild moment of excitement, I began to feel sweaty. Do not blame me; I haven’t had enough chance to travel as much as I want to due to school and all. I have been to Ibadan countless of times since I spend Christmas there with my huge family. However it just feels different this time around and I am freaking out.

How did you survive your internship period? I have been wondering what kind of ‘’boss’’ I might encounter – I have seen various movies where the actor gets stuck with a terrible bully as a boss and (s)he has to work countless hours before he can be released for the day.
Okay… maybe I am being dramatic. But let us face it – these things happen in real life. I got a placement at a farm (I am studying Animal science) and while I am not entirely enthusiastic about spending my time at a farm, I have to do this because I need to raise my GPA a little bit higher. I cannot be majoring in an agricultural course and go to a radio station to intern. Although, I thought about it but I eventually just let go of the whole scheme. At least for now, once I bag my degree I can finally do the things that I love: like working at a radio station as a content developer of a show or as an editor at a print media organisation. My plans are limitless.

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