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Tips to help you avoid distractions

In this post, I will share effective ways to help creatives especially content writers complete their daily tasks successfully by overcoming distractions. These tips work for me DAILY.  Keep reading to learn more.

I don’t know when it began but recently I noticed how difficult it was becoming for me to complete a task e.g. write a 1000 words blog post in one sitting. The only time I could sit to write content is when it was a client’s work and I had to deliver on time. I guess I worked well when I had a deadline. However, for my own content, I would take multiple breaks and get distracted by another bunch of things I need to do.

I did not think it was a big deal but recently I had a lot on my plate and I needed to delegate my time effectively. The first thing I stopped was multitasking – doing many things at a time.

Multitasking used to work for me but this year since I began to take freelance writing seriously, it has been kicking my butt. I cannot seem to complete one task because I was adamant about completing multiple tasks at the same time. It is like opening multiple tabs on your phone and never closing them. I would begin each task, but I would not complete them.

I did not like that. So, I did something about it.

My tips will help you because I incorporated those tips in my daily lifestyle and it improved my productivity. By avoiding distraction, I can improve my productivity as a content writer.

Here are the tips that helped me and it will help you too.


To have a smartphone is to be bombarded with notifications. A lot of apps want to gain our attention, we in turn devote our times being glued to our screen. It is fun, it is addictive. But it can chip away at the time meant for working.

By turning off your smartphone for the period of time you will work as a content writer/content creator will help you focus all your energy into working especially for writers who work from home. Our phones are a huge agent of distraction. By turning it off or simply using DND (Do not disturb) mode, it will buy you a whole lot of productivity.


The first draft of this post you are reading was written on my jotter while I was on a break at my NYSC PPA. One thing you have to know is that by writing on a notepad, it is easier to focus all your energy on one thing than typing on your phone or laptop. No notification will pop up on a jotter to distract you. It does not matter if you were able to write for five minutes, that is five minutes out of your task done.


By starting with the smallest and easiest tasks, it will help you transition into your work seamlessly. For me, I work better when I have broken down my tasks into an actionable list i.e. to-do list.

But I do not let my to-do list go overboard. Instead, I make it realistic. If it is four tasks I can complete in a day, I focus on those four tasks ONLY. Be sincere with yourself. You know what you can do in a day. Do not deceive yourself.

Then, I begin with the simplest/smallest task and work my way forward so that I do not get frustrated right from the beginning.


For writers who write copies and content daily, you know you have to come up with content. You have to deliver. In order for this to happen, you need to put yourself in an environment that will help you accomplish your daily goal. If it is your housemates or office conversations that won’t let you concentrate while working, find an alternative. Or only write when there is no one around to disturb you.


Just in case your tasks are time-consuming, I suggest you take breaks in between. The goal is to complete a task successfully, not finish a half-baked job. I cannot go hours without giving myself a breather, I need to relax my brain. If you are like me, then taking a break will help you. A five-minute break in between writing to rest will help you relax. Time yourself, and when the alarm sounds go back to work.


By understanding myself, I have been able to set realistic goals that have helped me achieve success in my life. If you keep comparing yourself with everyone around you, you will definitely burn out. Can you write for 5 hours or are you just saying that because your colleague says he writes for 5 hours straight?

By being honest with yourself, you will save yourself a lot of stress. Work at your own pace, focus on completing your tasks and you will get positive results. I guarantee you that.

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After completing your tasks, make sure you reward yourself. It is basically an incentive for your brain. Do not be too hard on yourself. It does not matter if you did four things out of your entire to-do list, you still did it. Tomorrow, you can continue from where you stopped. You’ve got this, fam!

Dear creative entrepreneur, be sure to use all these tips when next you have to create content or when you do simple things like house chores. They help me in my day-to-day activities. I guarantee, they will help you too.

What other tips help you complete your tasks successfully as a content creator and entrepreneur? Let me know in the comment section.




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