First Day in Huddersfield UK. A Vlog!

Guys, your girl is in UK! I moved to Huddersfield, United Kingdom – a peaceful town in West Yorkshire – with my husband.

Since you last saw me here, I have gone through an array of life phases. Where do I start? I got married, I got to work in a Tech company for a year and I moved to the UK. The long hiatus was a much needed break for your girl, and now that I am back, my blog will help me curate my experience through a series of Lifestyle and Personal Development content. This video chronicles the very first day I spent outside Nigeria. Enjoy!

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I know you might be wondering, ”what does this mean for your blog?”. Yes, this move to the UK will be featured heavily on my blog and it will also usher in lifestyle content. My aim is to always create valuable content for my readers. So, I will also be sharing tips and guides on how to move to the UK as a Nigerian, my experiences living in the UK as an immigrant. This lifestyle content will document my personal life because I feel strongly about writing my experience down for safekeeping. I also believe it will inspire a lot of people especially Nigerians.

If you are new to this space. Welcome! I am a content writer who has worked as both a freelancer and as a communication strategist for a Fin-Tech company. My blog is a reflection of my life expertise and my personal experience.

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If you would like to see more videos about life in Huddersfield and the UK generally, let me know in the comment section below!

This vlog chronicles my first day in Huddersfield, UK. Watch me get ready for the day!

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