…and possibly learn from.

To start with, y’all know Darius, right?


He is one of the main characters on Donald Glover’s phenomenal TV shows Atlanta.

*Side-eye to those of you still asking – who’s Darius*

Well, here are some insights..

a) He offered Earn (Donald Glover) some cookies in the pilot episode a year ago b) he mentioned his desire to measure a tree and c) got high on a dope couch whilst revealing to Earn that he cannot have children because his balls have been smashed. Yeah, these brief lines might not sound convincing to anyone who has not seen the series just yet (side-eye) but it is just a regular thing to those who have been following the series. We all love Darius, I love him! He is by far the weirdest person on the show and he does it with no effort at all; his seamless attitude towards everything in life might make him seem like he has got nothing to offer but take him away from the show and you are left with no character arc.

He is the character you cannot just fake and Lakeith Stanfield is so marvelous in his delivery of this unconventional black character; it is because of characters such as Darius that makes this show such an original. However despite his crazy demeanor, Darius is the type of friend that we all need to talk us out of our shit. He is always there when he is needed by his friends and he wastes no time trying to prove himself to anyone. You either take him or he leaves – and probably goes to smoke a blunt in his backyard or something.

Darius might seem weird at first if you are starting the show but he is the type of character that grows on you so fast –  like Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries – you will forget about the Al and Earn’s artist – manager shenanigans. This show is filled with creepy adventures and crazy shenanigans leaving you wanting more week after week. It is an out-of-the-box experience opening your mind to the realization of how hard it can be for black people living in a black community without the usual sappiness that accompanies stereotyped black drama/shows.

Donald Glover’s comedy about life on the margins of the Atlanta hip-hop scene could detour at any moment. It was a richly detailed story about relationships and money and black life that also gave us a black rapper named Justin Bieber, a full-length faux-cable-news debate show (with fake commercials) and a scene of people being run over by an invisible car.


Darius’ best scene was in season finale of Robbin’ season where he says to Earn,

I see you learning… but learning requires failure. Al’ just trying to make sure you aren’t failing in his life. And I mean, you both black so you don’t get a chance to fail”

If a weird person spews the truth, you better believe him!

Are you watching ALTANTA too?

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