Women across the world are learning to embrace the little parts of them that make them unique. They are learning to be bold and confident in their choices. It does not have to be approved by everybody in the world as long as it is what they want. Many might see it as an act of rebellion especially when one it involves fashion choices and body image. They are tired of leaning to other people for approval. They are choosing to own their beauty and every accessory that comes with it.

The Blackprowriter had a conversation with Yarz, a dark-skinned young women who has decided to accept her fullness as a woman and stay true to herself. Her decision speak boldly on her hair, her words and her passion for doing more with her intellect.

“Nigerians actually have a thing against anklets and ankle beads as though they are some slutty thing. They have concluded
only “hoes” wear them.
Honestly, they need to check themselves because women who wear anklets don’t care about that.
Men are allowed to wear chains, beads or rings and no one will probably bat an eye about that.
It always has to do with the women.
I actually wear them sometimes because I like them. Not to promote beauty…nahh.
I love it and I wear it when I feel like.”

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